rebecca’s environmental commitments

We try to make a difference every day through our economic, social and environmental practices throughout our business to improve the health of the planet and the lives of all those we impact. We know there is always more to be done and strive for continuous improvement of our practices and setting new sustainability goals for a brighter future.


Average number of straws removed per month


Annual percentage increase of compostable paper products used


Pounds of organic material composted in 2018


Percentage of soup and coffee cups and lids that are 100% compostable

Everyone whose lives are touched by rebecca’s has the chance to thrive.


Cultivating long term partnerships


Prosper and achieve their potential


A net positive approach


What and how we sell


We focus on gaining full traceability of our supply chains, from farm to fork. We have set honest and ambitious targets for this, with metrics that show our progress. We ensure that our supplier partners sign up to our Code of Conduct which sets vigorous standards for our way of working and the standards we expect. We share information about our supply chain in order to bring our customers closer to how and where the food they eat is grown. They may even get to meet the people who grow it!

  • We partner with BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) to make responsible seafood choices 
  • 100% of our canned tuna is sustainable and dolphin safe
  • Oakhurst Dairy is our product of choice to provide local and hormone free milk
  • We invest in certified coffees and teas, responsible sourcing and better business practices because they make a difference for our trading partners and our environment, today and tomorrow
  • We build a culture of health and safety
  • We recognize and develop a culture of equality and diversity
  • We provide internship opportunities
  • We engage in local community projects
  • We work with student organizers on the Real Food Challenge to help them meet their pledge commitments. 
  • We invest in the career development of all team members
  • We use recyclable and compostable packaging and paper that has a lower environmental footprint 
  • Our oil waste is converted to bio diesel
  • We compost our organic waste
  • We adhere to a sustainable packaging solutions platform
  • We buy, local seasonally
  • We are committed partners to the Food for Free program in the Boston area
  • We partner with the Green Restaurant Association
  • We partner with colleges and universities that participate in the Stars Program
  • We use takeout containers of recycled beverage bottles to reduce our carbon footprint. Watch The BottleBox® Story to learn about the process and see how many bottles are saved from landfills
  • We provide to clients a sustainable packaging solutions platform
  • We actively communicate items that have an environmental benefit or a clear social purpose
  • We run campaigns on sites to actively encourage consumers and clients to reduce plastic water bottle usage
  • Plastic straws are only available upon request